Our roots go deep. At OOJAY we believe that that the experience surrounding our food and drink is just as essential as the nutrients in the ingredients. This belief led us on a journey to capture the robust spirit of nature's finest fruit.

This decades-long journey was at times more archival than agricultural. We know that oranges sat on the tables of kings and conquerors during many of history's pivotal moments. These historical oranges were lauded for their purity and luxury. That is the spirit of orange that we needed for OOJAY, an ingredient that proved to be elusive and powerful but still sweet and idyllic.

We have an intimate connection with orange juice that invigorates us to continue our journey bringing the highest quality product to contemporary audiences. OOJAY is more than just the juice. It’s an experience.



If heaven exists on earth, it’s at the center of an orange grove. To understand the journey of OOJAY, you first have to understand the nature of how oranges came to prominence in California.

In the 1700s, the oranges arrived. By 1840, orchards had sprouted throughout the state. In 1849 the Gold Rush helped to balloon the California citrus industry. Investment in California orchards swelled with new varietals being imported and experimented with regularly.

As larger industries began to have a stake in orange juice, several entrants in the field noticeably began to cut corners. Orange juice shifted from a natural gift to a proprietary formula. Throughout this time, juice manufactures added preservatives to extend the life of the drink. OOJAY remained all-natural and untouched.



Taking lessons from the historic vineyards of France and Italy, we had to study the flavor and elements of particular orange varietals and how they express themselves in the juice.

Producing the best juice is about highlighting the little variances in regional fruit. A late summer sultry Spanish peel will tickle the back of your tongue. While a Texas springtime blossom will have you smiling for hours after it's gone down. Each strain has a personality. Sourcing the right oranges for the right bottle is a mixture of art and agriculture not seen in many industries today.

With worldwide connections to hundreds of orchards, we’re realizing more and more the role that OOJAY has as both a producer and a curator.



Good juice comes from a great squeeze. The first thing citrus handlers at OOJAY are taught is how to properly operate a classic manual juicer.

We’re not satisfied with a simple squeeze and pull. The anatomy of a manual press stroke can be broken down and perfected, not unlike a professional golfer's swing.

The types of details OOJAY monitor its juice pressing for include: proper placement to ensure juice is not lost within the fruits capillaries, pausing between presses to let the fruit oxygenate, pulp harvesting to maximize body and flavor, and more.

Our production methods are ‘small batch,’ but they come from a time before ‘small batch’ was a marketing term. This is how we produce juice because this is how we craft perfection.



OOJAY is one of the top requested imports among Michelin starred restaurants. Bottles are backordered almost a year in advance for some of the largest luxury nightlife locations on the planet.

Whether it's being paired with your steak at a five star restaurant or bathed in champagne for your morning after mimosa, OOJAY is a partner in experiences.

To arrive is to achieve your epicurean endeavors. To leave a legacy that others will study and revere. To embark on a journey without the comfort of a map. To source the finest materials, locations and people as aids and companions. To touch those around you in ways only you can. To squeeze every bit of pleasure you can out of your life.

OOJAY marches to the beat of nature’s heart.